War Thunder | Ground Forces !!





Gaijin Entertainment will take part in «IGROMIR 2013» gaming expo — biggest Russian gaming show that will take place in Moscow from October 3rdtill October 6th



Our 800 м2 booth will be in Hall #1 of «Crocus Expo» exhibition center.


Visitors of this expo will be the first players in the world who will be able to try long expected new game mode of War Thunder — ground forces. Battles combining not only aircraft but also player-controlled ground forces will be released until the end of 2013.




War Thunder PS 4 version will also be available at Igromir. It is first Russian game project for next generation consoles, and it is in one of the launch-titles for new PlayStation.


See us on Igromir! You won’t miss our booth!


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  • Marc

    whens its out that’s what we want to know already fed up with the rubbish battle mechanics on world of tanks.

  • smtty1234

    when is war thunder ground forces coming out? i want to play it really bad but im tired of waiting

  • Sam Rozell

    ya War of Tanks is a joke sorry but going for a f2p to a game tier 8 9 and 10 to a pay to play is just carp after a 6K damage game no gold rounds no repairs to still loose money because of a draw is just horrible. People shouldn’t have to drop tiers just to make silver to play the tanks they want to play so looking forward to ground forces. Lets hope its not anything like wot.

    • RubricMango6

      World of Tanks is a good game, you must just not be good at it. You don’t just go up tiers when you have the chance, you play that tank for awhile to earn up extra credits so you can pay for repairs and ammo. But i too am looking forward to Ground Forces, from the videos i have seen, it is amazing even though its still in closed beta.

      • Cali

        WOT is a joke been playing that for 3 years and after 8.x credit and money making is crap and being up to a tier 9 why waste ammo when it cost more then the battle. lol At least war thunder you can make up money pretty fast what 2 week of playing and over 2 mill and up to tier 3 planes all upgraded. Oh yea dont for get all the hacks in WOT invisible tanks got to love it lol

        • RubricMango6

          There isn’t anything wrong with WoT, and there also isn’t any “invisible tank” hack. You may be being shot by people behind bushes as everyone says is “hacking”

  • Soulcrusher13

    War thunder ground forces is out evrey one, NOW LETS ROLL OUT!