FREE Golden Eagles

This Sunday your first and fifth victorious fights bring you 100 Golden Eagles!
8 A.M. — 11 A.M. PDT (March 31st 15:00 — 18:00 GMT)
7 P.M. — 10 P.M. PDT (April 1st 02:00 — 05:00 GMT)

Golden Eagles is War Thunder premium currency. You may spend Golden Eagles on special game content, new skills for your crew or upgrading your account to Premium — this upgrade allows you to earn more XP and money for every fight. Also, you may exchange your Golden Eagles to Silver Lions, the ordinary War Thunder currency to buy new planes, modules, armaments and so on.

Hurry to your hangar, War Thunder pilots! It’s time to uncover your flying machines and takeoff for the victory! Good luck!

War Thunder team.…ws/108/current/

Discuss the event here http://forum.warthun…es-for-winners/

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    Nice site, count me in as a fan…Not doing anything this Sunday so count me. If it’s free give it to me, If I’ve got to pay take it away :)